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It’s time to love fashion again....

My journey began like many others in my field, the years of walking around malls for hours just to leave empty handed, had me hating the fashion industry and all its monstrosity. Back then I also enjoyed sewing. So I went to school to become a costumer, and moved on to work at multiple alteration shops. I have had the opportunity to fit, pin, and sew for so many wonderful people with a wide variety of body types.

It is so empowering to be living in a time where so many people feel comfortable to be their true selves. But this also means that many people struggle to find clothing that makes them feel as great as they are. The last decade I’ve begun to notice a trend - clothing is more expensive to purchase, with a lower quality, and very few brands are creating products that fit actual real people sizing. It was time to change that.

Last year I officially opened my online presence of Garland Garments & Alterations. I began building an inclusive community where everyday people could get made to measure clothing, with high quality fabrics and finishings, and that are made locally.

I also provide an alteration service for people located in the Oceanside/mid-island area - because let me be honest, alterations will always be my favourite way to keep clothing out of the landfill!

I am here to make you feel great in your clothing - no matter what your style or body type is. My main focus is always fit. I want you to feel like a million bucks in your clothing every single day.

Join my community in being the change we want to be in the fashion industry by following Garland Garments - Where the clothing is finally made just for you.

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